Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful for ::

My Brother John...who used the free hour he had between classes to come to my apartment and see if he could tell where all the water was coming from behind my washer.  You rock!

My Dad...last Saturday he (and the missionaries) hauled my old (broken down piece of crap) washer down the stairs of my apartment and brought the new (to me) washer up the stairs of my apartment.  And he hooked it up and everything.  Thanks Dad...I love you!

My B-I-L Justin...who came to my rescue tonight when my sky was falling.  You see, my closet shelf fell for the 3rd time today.  
I was in tears.  It doesn't seem like much and certainly should be an easy fix, but apparently something that the apartment maintenance man couldn't figure out how to do correctly.  
You rock and the shelf hasn't budged!

It seems appropriate to mention at this point that while in tears over the falling sky, my check engine light came one.  Suck.  I am already thankful for who ever will fix this problem for free.

My Brother Levi...for always answering my (endless) computer questions and finally asking ME a question that only I could answer.  You rock too!

SPRING officially started last night right after I finished my Marketing test.  I leave for Michigan next week to visit the Burns, super excited about that!  Alex told me that we are going to go to the library.  Super excited!

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Nicole said...

I was seriously expecting to see "nicole" as a topic of thankfulness. Maybe next time! ;)