Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break in Michigan

Warning:  If you are not family, this post may not interest you.

This past week was my spring break from school so I ventured to Michigan to spend some time with Anne and her cute little family.  

This is our photo adventure:

Everyone (except Dad) picked me up from the airport.  
We drove in the car a lot...they live way out in the country!
We laughed...a lot!

We took LOTS of pictures!

We went to the library.
We love to read.

We took the warm sun.

We had Mom drop us off by the pond and we walked the rest of the way to the house.
It was really we mostly ran. you see the boy?

We climbed the stairs...
(oh...the paparazzi!)

...a lot!
We played...

and played...

and played!

We read...

and read...

and read!

We became photographers...

and took lots...

and lots...

and lots of photos!

On our way home from Frankenmuth we found a misplaced barn.

We tortured Mom & Dad...

And had lots of piggy-back-rides!

We cleaned faces...

and laughed a lot more!

We even spent some time behind bars!

We saw a pretty sunset (that's the neighbor's house).

We (I) even made it into Flint to meet up with some old friends!
(Jeff & Jeanette Welch + 5)

Chucky Cheese's is (still) nasty, but when you have good conversation and the kids are entertained...who cares!

Their little Ali...what a doll!

And Sunday came and I had to go home to Georgia.
Little J came with Scott to take me to the airport.

Thanks for a WONDERFUL spring break my little people!


Supershepherds said...

even though I'm not family, I loved the travel journal. So cute.

John IV said...

Wow, they are getting BIG! Sooo darn cute! Andrew is growing up to be such a handsome little man and the girls are all so gorgeous. I am glad you had such a great time. BTW, Jenna missed you in nursery she kept saying and I quote "kady, kady...??"