Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kelly & Justin's Little

My friend Patti was in town this weekend so we had a chance to hang out just like old times.  It was fun to catch up and even though we managed to miss bedtime and stay up way too late we didn't care and had a great time.  Patti took this picture with her cell phone:

I look like a floating head in the black abyss!

Today after church Patti & I headed over to Kelly's and of course I took my camera so I could take some pictures of CM.  She's trying to figure out crawling...she is so super cute.  I would normally just send these to Kelly so she could post them on her blog, but her computer is down so I thought I would just post a few.  Don't worry, there are about 2 dozen more photos that I will send her so she can post on her blog too.

This was when she was still happy, before she got super irritated at us for a little too much tummy time.

"Look at me...I can do a push up!"

I love this's as if she is saying, "are you kidding me?"

And this is classic.  I feel that way sometimes too CM!

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