Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...

Super quick post at the conclusion of this Friday the 13th!  And what a day it was...

First I found these cute Valentine cupcakes on my car when I left for work this morning.  There was no note telling me who they were from so I called everyone I could think of, but to no avail.  I was so distracted by the cupcakes that rather than deposit my garbage at the trash receptacle, I took it with me to work...gross!

Later I found out the missionaries had received them and wanted to share with me.

One of my BFF's April is in town visiting and we had plans tonight.  Early this afternoon as I drove to pick her up I managed to run over the ramp of a vehicle trailer that had fallen off a truck driving just in front of me on north bound 400.  The guys driving the trailer had stopped and were walking to get their ramp and helped me change my tire.  Little did I know that I didn't even have all the parts necessary to change a tire.  I didn't have a tire iron, so I couldn't even get the flat tire off my car!

A police officer stopped to see if we needed help and he didn't have a tire iron either.  5 (yes, 5!) police officers later we managed to find a tire iron (sort of) and a make shift pipe to use as the missing part to my crank piece that lowers my tire from the undercarriage.  What a mess!

Thankfully I only ran over the ramp with one tire, the woman behind me managed to hit two of her tires and had to have her car towed.  She didn't seem that happy and I felt really sorry for her.  The guys towing the trailer were so helpful, but were also cited, something about an unsecured item...idk.  The sad part for them is that someone actually hit their trailer causing the ramp to fall off.  That person didn't stop, so there is no recourse where they are concerned.  We got case numbers and all that so their insurance will have to replace our tires.  

Tonight while I was out driving my car felt funny, so I am going to have to take it in to have the undercarriage looked at.  I certainly don't want something else to be wrong because of it, but I better find out now.

April & I had a few things to do tonight before we could settle down and get some nourishment.  We started out watching North & South (amazing) and then April decided I needed to teach her how to crochet so we had to go to Michael's to get hooks & yarn.  She picked out some pretty orange yarn and I am eager to see how the blanket for her sweetie turns out.  

Eventually we made it to O'Charley's and enjoyed some much needed nourishment and girl talk.  We had a great time as usual.
Will called during dinner to make sure I was alive.  He and I were on the phone when I ran over the trailer ramp and I told him I would have to call him back ~ since at that time I had no idea what was wrong.  I sent him a picture, but I guess he didn't get it.  He is so sweet for checking on me!  Sorry I didn't call back. 

Then Megan sent a text message so we took that opportunity to send her a picture of us!  *say cheese*  Of course she called because she knew she was missing a GNO, but we didn't feel sorry for her since she was going to see her man up in Stillwater.

After a stop off at Wal*Mart (we *heart* WM) we headed home to start April on her way to Crochet Land.  She's pretty good, I was super impressed at how quickly she is picking it up.  

By this point it was after midnight and we decided it would be best to put our hooks down and get her home.  We jump in the Kia and head down 92, about half way there when I realize a cop car is behind me, no big deal I'm driving the speed limit. Yes, seriously!  So he passes me to the left and then he slows down and gets behind me...obviously the lights are coming on.  

I pull over and when he got up to the Kia he peaked his head around my window:

him: "Hi.  Do you realize you have a head light out?" 
me: "No way, really?! I wonder if that happened earlier today with the ramp?"
cop: "Your license plate light is out too" 
me: "My what?" 
him: "The bulb that lights up your license plate" 
me: "Oh, hmm?"
him: "Is that your driver's license?"
me: "Oh yes, here you go."
him: "OK, be right back"

April & I then discuss how my drivers license picture is THE WORST picture of me EVER!  I say how I wish my student ID picture could replace my drivers license and then the cute/nice police man returns...

him: "OK, you're all set"
me: "Thanks"
him: "Have a good night"
me: "You too...oh, and don't pull me over on my way home, OK."
him: "OK."

All in all it was a great day.  The weather was GORGEOUS and spirits were high!  I (almost) learned how to change my tire, I taught one more person how to crochet, I bought some cute lounge pants at WM and I had a yummy meal and wonderful conversation with am amazing BFF, oh, and I flirted with a cute police man.  Fantastic Day!

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