Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 things...

I have been tagged by countless friends on Face Book to create this list of 25 THINGS.  I don't really get the jist of it but from what I've read of others 25 we just think of 25 random things and write them down.  It has taken me weeks to come up with 25 (new) random things - new as in not previously used on another post were I was tagged by all my friends.  So, here are my 25 THINGS:

1.  I secretly appreciate/love/like that my life is full of so much because then I don't notice the void.  It's not always noticeable to me until someone points it out or until I catch up on all your cute blogs and then I get uber sad.

2.  When I was little I would fake being asleep in the car/couch/floor/parents bed just so Dad would carry me to bed and tuck me in.

3.  I am convinced I am more intelligent than the majority of my professors.

4.  At least once a week I cover my feet with Vaseline and sleep in socks.  It keeps my feet super soft.

5.  I wish with all my heart that I had the chance to visit my grandparents again...I have a million questions to ask and would talk to them for days.  

6.  The two best parts of making a wedding cake are #1) seeing the finished product after all the hard work and #2) hearing the bride/groom talk about how they loved it.

7.  It's not that I LIKE to crochet (it hurts my hands a bit)  but I do like making things and learning a new talent and seeing the results.

8.  I brush my teeth in the shower.

9.  I love to clean, it's true (esp Saturday mornings with the windows open!).  However, my apartment is a mess and I need to hire a maid.  I realize I have no husband/children/messy pet (Rhett is such a good turtle...he never complains that his water is dirty) but I have NO time!

10.  When I was 3 years old I was in the bed of my Dad's truck with my oldest sister Anne.  We were "switching humps" and I stood up to switch and Anne didn't, so when Dad continued driving I fell out.  I don't remember it but Dad told me I landed on my feet, didn't cry and was by his side before he could get both legs out the door.

11.  I never attended a single jr. high, high school or college dance...not Prom, MORP, Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins...none!

12.  The night of my senior Prom I went Go Cart Racing.

13.  When the time comes for me to finally buy a home I want the rooms to be huge and the yard to be endless.  I will throw parties where everyone will attend, Mason jars with candles will hang from the trees, a local band will play music and all the yummiest foods to temp our pallets!

14.  I *heart* previously LOVED items.  Some people call it an antique, some people call it old...I'll stick with previously loved.  That building/home/whatever mentioned above ~ I want it to be something that started being loved a very long time ago.

15.  I stopped drinking Diet Coke (again) sometime in October 2008.  I miss it, but I am dealing.

16.  I sleep with an electric heating pad at my feet and a hot rice bag by my side/back.

17.  Being an aunt is the coolest thing ever.  When I plan for my future...I plan for my little humans.

18.  I have always wanted to sing for Walt Disney animated videos.  Now they have famous people sing most stuff and it just doesn't do much for me.  I don't want to be famous, I just want to sing.

19.  I really enjoy quiet and am very sensitive to noise.  I also tend to get headaches on the verge of migraines.  I rarely turn on the television unless I am watching it and my apartment is generally quiet...the only thing I can "hear" right now is the hum from my computer fan, oh and a train just blew it's whistle.

20.  I collect friends...they are some of my dearest treasures.

21.  The two best pieces of advice I received from my mom: never wear elastic waste band pants and always remember/use people's name.

22.  The best advice I received from my dad: If a bad guy ever manages to get in the car with you, make sure he doesn't have time to put his seat belt on and drive as fast as you can into anything that will strike on his side of the vehicle...and make sure everyone sees you.

23.  Donating my hair to Locks Of Love was one of the most emotionally difficult things I have ever done.  I remember driving home in tears, it was horrible.

24.  I will someday write children's books.  Not want...WILL!

25.  I like to be out of town (preferably the country) on my birthday.  I don't mind celebrating the entire month in order to get in all the fun, but my actual birthday I prefer to have something bigger and better to concentrate on.

There you have it...my boring 25.  I'm sure there are very little shocking comments on this page, but who knows...maybe one of these will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Kidding.  Feel free to make your list of 25 if you haven't already.

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Alison said...

I LOVED my wedding cake thanks to you! And I would love to hear your voice as the next disney princess.