Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Lunar New Year

My friend Malissa had a Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year Party last night and I decided I HAD to go in costume!  I asked my nail guy Chris where I could find an Oriental shirt and he said "go to China Town!"

I would like a raise of hands...who knew there was a China Town in Atlanta?

Yeah, me neither!

So there take the Buford Highway exit off the north side of the perimeter and head south, you can't miss all the shops!

We had to stop at a few stores before we found what I was looking for, but we didn't give up and finally hit the jack pot.  The only problem now was finding an oriental shirt that would fit my girls!  I even teased Chris that there was no way a little Oriental girl was going to be my size, but he assured me I would find something...and I did!

The little Oriental lady measured me and made some size suggestions but none of them fit the girls...just as I had predicted.  Eventually her assistant found the perfect dress and although it was a gorgeous dress the slit was practically up to my wazoo and there was little to no chance I would wear a dress, especially to this party.  Since that was the only size they had that fit, Susan said she could cut it off for me and make it a shirt so I made the purchase.

Now I wouldn't normally spend a bunch of money on a dress just to cut it in half to make a shirt...JUST FOR A PARTY...but I knew I would wear this many times!  And hello, how many times have I needed an outfit just like this!?

It turned out really nice and I received a bazillion (that's short for a lot) when I wore it.

Susan took a picture of me with my camera phone last night, and although the resolution is horrible I wanted to show it because I had my hair done all Oriental-ish.

I decided that since all I did was sit around in the shirt last night, I could also wear it to church today!  (Oh zip it, you know you've done it a million times!)  Here is the picture from can see the shirt a lot better in this pic:

Happy Lunar New Year!
Year of the OX!


MonikaC said...

That is a great shirt! As always, you look great!

Leviticus said...

Umm... you were about a mile from my place when in 'Chinatown'... hilarious.

Cyd said...

I love this style... and the color is just gorgeous! (I'm also a big fan of cutting up dresses to make tops and/or skirts. Just sayin'.)

Landlocked Shores said...

Beautiful! I love the color on you. PS ... go visit Aaron Levi for crying out loud! :)