Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Warning: This is a rant and then I will be done.

I woke up this morning with the most excruciating pain in my stomach. No, I'm not trying to be funny and come up with a fabulous pun for last night's presidential results, I am being serious. I felt horrible and somehow managed to look up the symptoms for appendicitis, of which I am sure I was suffering.

I had slept with the windows open and it was very, very cold in my apartment. I had also eaten extremely late. Regardless I decided to text Susan and opt out of walking and go back to bed, rather than ask for a ride to the ER. I figured Kelly would be the first one to get that call anyway.

Truth be told, after Monday's visit to the dentist and the realization that my insurance is far from adequate (so horrible!), my biggest worry was being left with the entire bill from a visit where I would be told that nothing was wrong with me.

Anyway, I did finally fall back asleep and about an hour and a half later woke with a far less conflicted stomach only to be irritated beyond all belief at the conversation on The Bert Show. I usually lay in bed and listen for a while before I get out of bed, but this morning I jumped up and turned the radio off in a swiftness that Kelly & Justin would never believe! Jeff Dollar and Wendy voted for McCain and of course were giving their take on how things went down yesterday and sharing their experiences from last night. Now everyone on the show had shared theirs, so the fact that they didn't vote for Obama was the only difference. I could not believe the people that were calling in basically chewing them out for their views. It was insane. And in addition I could not believe the number of people that were first time voters. Not, "I just turned 18" first time voters...full on adult first time voters!

Tyler Perry called in to talk to The Bert Show and said this was the first time he voted. And then he went on about how he was not told how the process works and that he felt like he should have been more informed. Well guess what Tyler's your responsibility to figure it out. You live in a free country, you can pick up the phone and call the Georgia Secretary of States office just like anyone else and find out what the process is.

You say you didn't know that there were other officials running for (re)election and so you just voted for whoever was in your party! Well congratulations, you just elected someone to run your state/county/city government whose ideas and views of policies you have no clue! You and everyone else that didn't pull up the SAMPLE BALLOT that was posted on line for ALL TO SEE! ...and somehow Jim Carry came up and apparently this was also the first time he had voted too. Give me a break! All I have heard for the last 2 years are celebrities telling me to get out and vote...well guess what? I DID...4 years ago and 4 years before that and 4 years before that! And every other opportunity in between.

FOR THE LOVE PEOPLE...are you telling me that you have complained and complained for years and years and years and now all the sudden you feel as if THIS vote will make a difference. You don't deserve a vote! I think I will ask my Senator Saxby Chambliss (who I voted for yesterday...but who is still waiting to find out he is maintains his seat) to sponsor a bill that says if you do not register to vote AND ACTUALLY VOTE when you actually turn 18, then you forfeit your right to vote in the USA for the remainder of your stay on this Earth!

And let's talk about the Vice President...I heard it all yesterday. How someone would never vote for McCain because of his choice of Sarah Palin for his running mate. "She just doesn't present herself like a VP." Well, elected Joe Biden, Joe who told Chuck Graham to stand up. Chuck Graham who is IN A WHEEL CHAIR! What Joe? You didn't know he was in a wheel chair? Well that's interesting...he's a member of your party...he's a Democrat! He's a Missouri Democratic Representative for the House.

So an African American is our 44th President. Is it possible that I don't care what the color of his skin is? Does it matter to any of you that there have been firsts all along the path of politics from the time of our forefathers?!

Don't tell me it's not about race and in the next breath tell me how excited you are to vote for the first time IN YOUR 50's! and to make the vote for an African American. And then as you reiterate to me how it STILL isn't about race tell me how your African American grandchildren deserve to have an African American as president!

Well guess what?! My grandchildren (shut up) would understand the difference from day one. They would know how important it is that they vote for the candidate FOR ALL OFFICES that has the same views you do. I would not have to tell them that it isn't about race, because I would not have to explain my own behavior! They would know that everyone is equal because they are raised that everyone is equal. They would know it is their responsibility to get involved and to understand and to be knowledgeable about the entire process, not just the part that is talking the LOUDEST.

Now I'm done. And today I have decided I am not going to listen to the radio or watch the news. I'm hoping tomorrow we can get back to normal. So for today, the blog is going to "Happy Thanksgiving" and we're moving on.

God bless America!


Cyd said...

I heart you. Also, YES.

So, a couple of weeks ago I got a booklet in the mail that listed ALL of the candidates for ALL the offices I was voting for. I pulled it out, read through it, and decided who I was voting for before I went to the polls. It even had instructions on how to do this whole "voting" thing! Revolutionary, I KNOW!

I think I'll be keeping my head down and my opinions to myself for the next few weeks. It will certainly be "interesting" to see what happens in the next few months...

Laura said...

Girl...YOU NAILED IT!! Fabulous, fabulous blog! You are so right and I couldn't agree with you more!!

Sarah said...

And I say these things....

Can we get back to life now? I've gotta get to work to pay for all of you that don't have the nards to get up an do it yourself!!


The Sixth Sister said...

You tell em! Oh, and P.S....there is a "law" that if you are a registered voter and you don't vote after so many years they unregister would have to look it up to find out details but it happened to one of Justin's Co-workers

Ashley W. said...


That's really all I can say to that. I agree and think you put it quite well!!

Gold stars!!!

The BirdHouse said...

You go, girl!!! You are freaking hilarious, and pretty much rock!!!!!