Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cast your ballot...

Today is Election Day! Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Today is a great day, the weather is beautiful and the lines were...wait, there were no lines!

For weeks now all I have heard is how you need to get out and vote early to avoid the long lines that will occur on Election Day! I'm far too emotional, passionate and dare I say it...patriotic NOT to vote on the actual Election Day! Now I'm not saying that if you cast your vote early, you are not patriotic, but for me, it was about casing my ballot TODAY!

With all of that being said, I was a little worried about lines...the media had me all in knots and wondering when in the world I would have time to stand in line. So I went to class this morning and then drove over to my polling place at Lake Acworth.

Speaking of polling places, I *heart* my polling place. Who would even mind standing in line if I got to take in the beautiful surroundings of the lake, park, beach, etc.
Feeling sad for anyone that had to stand in line at a boring school or church...sorry peeps.

Anyway, I drove up, parked the Kia and walked straight into the little building. Literally. No line, no pause, no hesitation. I think there was a guy behind me, but he didn't have to slow down either. I think the only time I slowed down was when I was actually casting my ballot. Contemplating the future of our country...oh wait! I didn't have to contemplate who I think should lead our country! That was easy.
(Maybe next time Mitt)

Come tomorrow morning I will either take it all in and support who "We the people..." have chosen, or check rates for that U-haul to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

I know what you're thinking, there is not such place as Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Yes, it is a real city in Canada. SEE:

And your next thought...Moose Jaw how appropriate. I think so too.
Look how cute downtown in decorated during Christmas:

So, back to my story...after all the horror stories I was told about waiting and waiting and waiting, I am glad I voted today.
(BTW: Dad wins the prize for Early Voting Shortest Line at 45 minutes)

I'm a Georgia Voter!

Happy Election Day!

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