Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art vs. Communication Majors

I know this may seem like a very random post, but let's face it, if you are not related (hi family) or one of my many (loved) BFF's you read my blog because you need a good laugh or sometimes a reality check. Well, consider this a little of both.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my fav class (Organizational Publications) having a conversation with Justin & Kimberly (they sit next to me) about how students that major in Art art just odd ducks. The night previous to this conversation I had been in the MAC (computer) lab working on a project for this class. The MAC lab is in the Arts building (I have discussed this before here) and it is not by choice that I use this lab, it just happens to be the only computer lab on campus (open more than 2.5 hrs a week) with InDesign & Photoshop. I do occupy a seat in this lab quite often, but need to remember my headphones for next time because the conversations that take place in this lab are, well...unfiltered to say the least.

Anyway Justin, Kimberly & I were having this conversation because others in Org Pub have the same projects due and need lab time as well and wanted to know where the lab was and is it busy and all that. I mentioned how it is a very different lab, but if you can get to the program, then who cares. Someone in the class said "Yeah, you can spot an art student a mile away." to which Kimberly said "Well, we (communications students) are no better. All it takes is the first day of class to figure out who we are, we're the ones that won't shut up!" She is right on the money and I watched in one of my next NON-Communications classes. Sure enough, the talkers...all Communications Students! And it's a good thing to, because otherwise the professors would stand up at the front of our classes either continuing to ramble or saying things like "...people, this is supposed to be a discussion..." which is sooo annoying!

Well, as a Communications Major with a canvas all my own (that would be this blog) it would not do the art world justice if I did not show the piece of art I saw yesterday in said MAC lab.

Drum roll please......please do not adjust your monitor. No, I did not steel the picture from Google Images, that is the actual picture I took with my camera phone in the MAC lab. And YES, that is indeed a BANANA CLIP!

Let's give her credit, she tried AND she is not in her pajamas, which is more than I can say for half the students on campus. But really? (Shannon, that "really?" is just for you)

A Banana Clip?! Wow. Talk about a flashback! Has anyone seen my leg warmers?

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