Wednesday, September 17, 2008

POST 5.2: bt dub...RECYLE!

Tonight I had a test in Science 1102 but I wasn't that stressed because I have a rock'n prof (Garey Simpson) and he gave us a sneak peek. Regardless I was pretty stoked when I heard someone from my class asked him about extra credit.

You prof is really big on recycling, helping the environment and our personal environmental/ecological footprint. So this student in my class asked the prof if we could get together to sort garbage from the regular garbage cans into the recycle containers that are basically in every main area around campus and get extra credit for the exam. The prof agreed and out of the 200+ students in my class there were maybe a handful that showed up to do the work...including me. Astonishing.

The guy that planned it brought trash bags and Latex gloves for everyone (thank you Our Fearless Leader Jacob.) It was nasty. We literally sorted through all the garbage cans in the science/math building and then moved on to the outside trash cans on our way to the nursing building. The outside trash was particularly fragrant and oh so lovely to dig through.

The point is...there were SO MANY recyclable items in the regular garbage that we filled up an entire recycle container (which is sectioned into paper, plastic & aluminum) with just our 55 minutes of effort. I was shocked. People really just don't care. It made me sad.

So here is my plug...recycle! Did you hear me?
I know it takes effort and I know that sometimes you have to dig through the garbage a little...but it's life and sometime we have to dig through a little "garbage" to make things a little better.

Do it for your children. And if you don't have children, do it for your turtle. Heck, do it because I can see your ecological footprint from here!
* Don't buy plastic beverage bottles...drink water from a reusable bottle
(see Filter For Good link below)
* "Paper or plastic?" ...neither! Reuse!
* Call your in the the trees GROW!
* Ride your bike to work...I am sure the motorists on I-75 will share the road.
* Teach your children.
* Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
* If you can't find a recycle drop spot, just bring it to KSU...obviously we're not using ours.

No, recycling boys does not help the environment, but it is good practice!

I have to share this side note: I did this project from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. today. Science was at 6:30 and then I had Stats at 8:00 p.m. In the same area that only 3 hours prior we sorted for recyclables, I walked into my Stats class next to 2 trash cans full of paper plates, cardboard pizza boxes (that's paper people) and empty 2 liter Coke bottles. I wish I had taken a picture, because this explanation does not do it justice. Don't be LAZY...walk down the hall and put it in the recycle box!

More Information:

How to recycle

Do Something

Recycle in Georgia

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and BTDUB...I'm putting this in my PAIL LIST!


Swaparella said...

I REUSE! I scrapbook with my trash! Macaroni boxes or cereal boxes make great chipboard books! Yours will get to you some day soon! I promise!

With a lighter footprint... loves, Nicki

Monika said...

Go you! You would totally love the city we live in...we get fined if we don't recycle.

Supershepherds said...

Generally I'm perfectly happy with my carbon/ecological footprint. Size 10 thank you. I get pretty frustrated with all the people just trying to make a buck with a very emotional agenda (cough--Al Gore--Cough). But don't stone me yet...I did buy four of the $1 canvas bags at superwalmart to reuse when grocery shopping. As long as I live in less than 900 sq ft, I will not stress over bins to separate my trash. When we buy a house, I promise to invest in said bins.