Tuesday, September 16, 2008

POST 4.2: The Time Is NOW 9:52 p.m.

...and I was being a good girl, watching the Biggest Looser on the teli when I thought "hey fatty, get in there and put on your work out clothes and move your carcass on the hamster run!"

So I did just that.

Until my downstairs neighbor decided to bang on their ceiling/my floor. I was thinking "What is that noise?" It was not even 9:30 p.m. and I figure anything is fair game in an apartment complex until 10:00 p.m. (after all, I did skip Mass Com tonight...need to make the most of it)

A few more tries from downstairs and I realized what is was. I put on my jacket and went downstairs to introduce myself.

Picture this: SWF age 67 living with SWM age 34 in a one bedroom apartment. My guess, he lives with Mommy. They have not lived downstairs that long and the apartment WREAKED of cigarette smoke when he opened the door. I said my hello's, mentioned the noise and that I was on the hamster run and the old hag walked in from the kitchen (I knew it was the kitchen because mine is in the same place ;) and says "It's a lot of ruckus and it's been like that for hours." I say "well, I have only been on for a few minutes and it is still early, so if you don't mind." she says (not actually to me...more like she was talking to her whiskey, cig & teli) "and last night too, until 3 in the morning." (p.s. I have witnesses that will attest to my being in the king sleigh at 2:00 a.m. this morning!)

I laugh in my head and say to the Mamma's boy standing at the door "I was not on the treadmill last night...I have not been on it for months" i mean come on people...look at my butt, it's proof!

Finally I say, "it's a treadmill...so it's going to be a little noisy and if you have a problem just come upstairs and knock on my door, it will be a lot easier than searching for the broom" - which by the looks of things you had to borrow for the other neighbors.

Let me also point out, annoying downstairs apartment dweller...you have an outdoor cat living in an apartment complex! It poops everywhere and now MY outside stinks. I was being nice when I complained about that thing before, but now I am just mad because thanks to your pet of Satan, we have an entire cat colony living at the complex. Ridiculous.

But don't you worry your poor wrinkled little head about anything, you cannot deter me...I will go outside on this lovely (and might I add, cool) evening and I will walk. It's not the same, because mostly I fear for my life in this drug den (where I might also point out...the missionaries live too!)

So adew...adew...I'm off to shed a pound or two!

Shucks...I totally should have taken them a plate of cookies and a Pass Along Card. Maybe next time.

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Supershepherds said...

You go girl. You should be a U.S. diplomat or something. I say you ask to borrow her broom sometime, and then proceed to run twice as hard and twice a long before returning it.