Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skyline Chili...

Lately I have been craving chili. I think it mostly has to do with the rain and the nervous feeling of stalking up on canned foods for the ark, but either way I was craving chili & Frito's.

Knowing I didn't have any time to make chili I decided I would stop at the store on my way home from class tonight and get some of your average canned variety. (oh shut it...I know it's not like home made, but with my schedule you just have to deal).

I was in the isle looking at all the choices when I noticed Skyline Chili:
I remember seeing the Skyline Chili restaurants when I visited Anne and her pose up in northern Kentucky and figured if it is good enough for a restaurant devoted to it's existence, then it is worth a try.

Well tonight for dinner I prepared my chili and the only thing that can appropriately describe what I ate would be to say I had a meat and cinnamon smoothie...warm. Equally disgusting is the fact that I cannot get the taste out of my mouth, I have eaten everything I can get my hands's no use.

So, for all you Ohio/Kentucky/Wherever Skyline lov'n appetites ~ you can have your stink'n chili! I can make my own meat & cinnamon smoothie anytime I want.


Cyd said...

That's just nasty. Nalley's Walla Walla Onion Chili all the way, baby!

(And I still need to know which mailing address is best for me to use to send your - very late - birthday present!)

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

You are helaroius! I ennjoy reading your posts. I love the,"come visit you aunt or else your toys are gona get it!"

Your so funny! ANd uhm...when ar ya gonna ever post a comment on my blog???

Love ya!

The Sixth Sister said...

You didnt like it because you didnt eat it right...You have to put it over spaghetti!!! DUH! :) I actually like know I think it has chocolate in it too.

Roemmele Family said...

You are too funny. I love reading your posts.

Anne said...

The whole time we lived in KY I couldn't understand how chilli rates a "restaurant," much less a drive through. The little voice inside me said, "keep driving." Now, we know why. Homemade is still best. With cornbread. NOT spaghetti. The midwest should stick with baseball and leave the chilli to NEW MEXICO!