Thursday, August 28, 2008

i *heart* ross dress for less...

I think what draws me to shopping is the ultimate BARGAIN! Since Ross Dress For Less is one of my fav stores I do have to say that this whole ultimate bargain clincher is happening a lot more than I realized it would. On that note...I have to share what I got yesterday:

I was in Ross legitimately looking for a roller carry-on/laptop bag. They didn't have what I needed and to stop myself from purchasing an (almost) unnecessary (although fabulous) new set of luggage, I decided to peruse the clothing to see what was new.

WELL, let me tell you about the find of a lifetime... (for those of us with girls larger than will fit in your average training bra) ...a button up shirt that actually buttons up!

This is the shirt (mine is even pink):

...but don't worry, it looks way hotter on me. Which I have to admit is totally to the credit of the girls.

Here's the real fun, this is a Liz Claiborne that retails for 64 BUCKS! Hello, who does this Liz person think she is? Guess how much I got it for at Ross...give up?


That is why I totally *heart* Ross Dress For Less!

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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Cute shirt! And I hear ya about getting shirts to button up and not have a big gap in the middle due to a "healthy" set of girls! :) And the funniest part about all this is I just went to Ross this morning! I got Rocklin the cutest little brown and orange fleece coat and some socks all for like $18. Gotta love Ross!