Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Get What You Pay For

This past Sunday when I was home long enough to notice, I realized that my fridge was going into hibernation every hour or so. The power would be at about 10% and neither my microwave nor oven would work at the same time this was happening. I was thinking...this can't be good for my food and since I had not noticed the melting of frozen goods before then I figured something very bad was about to happen. Bad, very bad.

The following day (Monday) I called the office at the apartment complex where I reside and reported the trouble. I let her know "All of my food is spoiling and I can't use my oven or microwave...please fix this ASAP!".

Last night (Wednesday...that is day THREE!): My new goal of not eating after 8pm sometimes puts me in a pinch about when to have dinner. If I do not brown bag it and eat at school then I have to buy something (Dave Ramsey would not approve). So last night I skipped spin class to run home and eat. I get home to find that my stove is not working and my microwave, well it has a low weak micro with no wave but producing the glow of a soft nightlight. I check my freezer...not good. My ice cream is mush, my meat...quickly thawing and everything is a watery mess.

Lucky Ms. Shelly answered the phone at the office and promptly provided excuse after excuse about why it was not fixed "Rain, blah, blah, blah, rain". I reviewed the problems I was having and add to it that I think my A/C is on the fritz and let her know that IT MUST BE FIXED TOMORROW or else! (because i had an 'or else' sitting in my pocket)

So last night I come home to an apartment that is approximately 78degrees confirming that the air conditioner is indeed NOT WORKING! I open the windows because I can't wait to die in my sleep of allergies, or worse yet, be attacked by someone climbing in my window. I know, I know...I live on the 2nd floor, but it's possible!

Because it is after 8pm I guzzle down some water and get started with whatever it is I have to do before I go to bed. I check on the fridge a few times only to notice that the hibernating is occurring more regularly now and the thought of making my lunch for the following day quickly passes out of my mind. I finally get to bed and toss and turn from all the noise my fridge is making as it cycles on and off...on and off...on and off...on and off...! And not to mention all the noise from outside with the windows wide open and my sleep deprived imagination getting the best of me.

This morning I wake up and jump in the shower to luke warm no better yet johnny cool water. Why do I not have hot water? OH FOR THE LOVE...the hot water heater is on the same breaker that has gone bad and after I ran my dishwasher last night, I assume that there was no available power to heat the water for my shower. 3 minute shower and now to blow dry my hair.

Now, you see...yesterday morning my hair dryer would not work. It was cheap and I have a lot of hair, so it got a lot of use, even though it was not yet a year old. So I threw my hair in a knot and stuck in a few bobby pins and went to work. Last night I went to Wal*Mart and bought a better, more expensive hair dryer that would hopefully last longer. This morning, when I turned my new hair dryer on it was only blowing cool air. It was a lot of cool air, but it was darn right cold and not drying my hair one bit. I was so irritated, I thought for sure I had bought a "cool dyer" as if there was such a thing! But no, I checked the box and it was just a regular ol' hair dryer. And it even said something about a heat ring or I knew the air was supposed to be hot. Then it dawned on me...maybe it is the outlet. I take my new hair dryer (which b.t.w. is silver) into my bedroom and plug it into the outlet there...WALLAH! Hot air! So I dry my hair in my bedroom (which I hate to do because I get hair everywhere) and finish getting ready.

Breakfast...finally, FOOD! So I venture to my fridge to get a frozen waffle (mmm...chocolate chip) out of the freezer. Luke warm! Not good. I squeeze the pound of hamburger - completely defrosted. Frozen strawberries...not frozen. Everything is mush and even warm mush. Even my milk is already sour and the butter...spread real nice on my bagel...because it was already melted! And it's not like I can turn on the stove and cook up all that meat to save it from spoiling...BECAUSE MY STOVE ISN'T WORKING!

At this point I am beside myself...literally on the verge of tears. I gather my things and head out, stopping by the office to DROP OFF MY RENT! and talk to the manager.

Once there I was told the manager was busy - oh, no she is not! Manager Melissa and I had a nice little chat where I reviewed all the problems AGAIN and asked where the money would come for replacing the contents of my refrigerator, paying for all the eating out I had to do and my therapy!? She printed her report and asked what was in the fridge...ha! I am late for work, have had the worst morning in a long time because of this ancient apartment that is so poorly maintained and you want me to list the contents of my refrigerator. It's all still up there...feel free to write it all down on your visit to my apartment!

So here I sit at work, my head spinning & unsure of what I will find when I return home. Doubtful that it will be a place I find peace...and I am sure it will stink.

Confirming, you indeed get what you pay for. And I am getting approximately $580 a month worth of poor management and maintenance.

# of times I have eating after 8pm this week: ZERO
# of times I have exercised this week: TWO
# of times I have thought of moving again: 7,951


Cyd said...

Oh, honey - that SUCKS. I'm so sorry! (It might be a good thing the ice cream melted - sad, but ultimately productive) It's seriously time to break out the brass knuckles... would you like me to FedEx you mine?

The Sixth Sister said...

All I can say is... if i would have made that comment 1 year ago (you get what you pay for) you would have told me to go eat monkeys! :)