Tuesday, April 1, 2008

invasion of the treadmill

Last year I moved into the apartment in which I now live. Because it is on the second floor it was decided that a few of my possessions were to stay anywhere not on the second floor. The treadmill had been a nice clothes dryer at my home in the past, so I asked John & Jamiee if they would like to "store" it at their house and get some use out of it. (Yeah, I know...they are both skinny little twigs, so what was the point?!)

Anyway, the treadmill was used some at their house, but really just took up space in the formal dining/play room. And I am sure if Jenna could talk she would have told me to get it out of there a long time ago.

Last week, after a torturous 1 mile respiratory test for HPS I cried to Mom about how out of shape I am and concluded the conversation with her volunteering to get the measurements for the treadmill to see if I can fit it in the back of my SUV and bring it here to my house, so I can make more of an effort to use it.

My wonderful parents went ahead and put the treadmill in the truck and tonight delivered it to my house. All of this while I was in class too!

So tonight I am eager to get home and see how I can move my living room around to make the treadmill work with the little space I have when I open my door and am seriously surprised by the enormousness that is my treadmill.

I don't think I remember it being THAT big. Maybe my apartment living room is smaller than I thought, who knows! All I know is: WOW! That thing is huge, hope I don't stub my toe in the middle of the night. I didn't have the energy to move the living room around tonight (back off! this was my second day in a row of spin class!). I will try to do it tomorrow, but no promises there either.

Anyway, thanks Dad, Mom, Levi & Kelly (i think you two helped) for moving that thing into my living room tonight...loves!!

1 month exercise goal: 30 min 3 times/week
1 month food goal: no food after 8pm

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