Sunday, March 9, 2008

James Christensen & eBay

It has been more than 10 years now that I feel in love with an artist by the name of James Christensen. He painted one of my all-time pieces "Touching the Hem of God"...which I was lucky enough to buy a few years ago through an online auctions on eBay. She now hangs framed on my wall in my living room.

Another of my favorites from Christensen is "Ten Lepers"

...isn't that the most amazing depiction of the story of the ten lepers!?! I love love love it. I love it so much that I might love it more than "Touching the Hem of God"...but probably not. I can't wait until I can find it on an auction on eBay. Most of his work is out of print and also extremely expensive!

James Christensen doesn't only paint from scripture stories...he has other art as well...all of which I love and want. But tonight, I purchased my 2nd Christensen piece (also on eBay). "A Christensen Character Cleverly Camouflaged in Doolittle Landscape"

Isn't he FANTASTIC! I just love it. I can't wait to get it and have it framed. He will work so well in my cabin.

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