Friday, March 7, 2008

...but I heard it calling my name!

This evening on my way home I stopped by K-Roger to get some things to finish Miss Jenna's birthday cake (pictures coming in future post). After promising the Girl Scouts that I would buy cookies on my way out, I walked in and heard my name. I looked all around and then I glanced into the floral department to find this:

Some of you may already know that I have "collections" of many things, one of which is glass. Not long ago I sort of grounded myself - no more purchases for things that I just have to dust or that sit on shelves (a.k.a. glass pieces, white pitchers, etc.) I was doing really good until I heard it calling my name. I mean come on...look how pretty it is!!! And you can't really tell from this photo that it is 18" really is so pretty, and I couldn't just leave it there.
Okay, more!
(no, i did not forget the Girl Scouts...and they did not forget me either! Good thing they had some Samoas and Thin Mints left!)

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Cyd said...

Some things are meant to be. This is one of them.

(Also, connecting with Girl Scout cookies... I just finished off some Samoa Cookie ice cream - see, MTB!)