Saturday, January 19, 2008

UniverSOUL Circus

The other night when I left the GWCC after the tradeshow I was following signs in downtown Atlanta trying to make it to I-20. I wasn't quite sure where I was, but saw a sign ahead for the freeway so figured I could get it right soon enough.
I was so distracted by the fact that I was in the wrong lane, that when I passed the building on my left with a photoworthy scene painted on the side, I was not quick enough and missed the chance to take the shot as I fumbled for my camera.
Well, last night, camera in hand and headed the same direction, I was READY! I'm not sure what the UniverSOUL Circus is, but don't you think it sounds a little bit like a church?
Seriously, how much fun would THAT be?!?!


Ezra said...

I went once. Mike Beaver had free tickets so I thought what the heck. It is basically a circus run by African Americans and other minorities. It was a dang good show. But I must say I was probably the only white dude in the audience.

John said...

You've never heard of the UniverSoul Circus?!?!?!!!
It comes through Atl at least once a year and yeah it's basically an all black circus. It's a south of I20 thing so I guess I shouldn't expect you to have heard about it.