Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spellbound Sorento...the story of the possessed Kia

A few weeks ago, while Heather was in town, my Kia started acting strange. We were driving to church and the heater was not heating. I messed and fussed and annoyed the crud out of Heather, but to no avail, something was wrong.

Over the course of the following few weeks I kept experiencing these random times when the Kia would take on a mind of it's own and decide to cool the interior, even though the thermostat was set on 80+. I called John to tell him of my woe's and he agreed I should take it to the dealership while it was still under warranty, so I figured that was a good plan. Besides, pretending the shot-gun seat heater actually warms your tush, is probably getting really old for anyone that sits in that seat on a brisk Georgia day.

Resolved to make the appointment at the Kia dealership I go on with my goings on.

Fast forward to Monday morning of this week. I am on my way to work in HORRIBLE Atlanta traffic...what is wrong with people, it is ONLY A LANE SHIFT!...anyway, I am about 1/2 way to work when all the sudden my dome light blinks on. I look up and it goes off. Strange. What's up with that? Continue driving...do, de, doot, de do...it happens again, except this time it stays on a little longer. A few minutes later I pull into the parking garage at work and the light does it again...and STAYs ON! I am freaking out...I try to manually turn the light off ~ nothing. I park and get out of the vehicle and re-shut every single door ~ nothing...the light is still on.

At this point I am just weirded out and decide to shut off the engine and go inside. Thankfully the light went out when I locked the car and I went inside reassured I would not need a jump in 8 hours.

For the next 8 hours I contemplate the haunting of my mode of transportation and debate how to sell it...quickly.

Dreading what I will find when I leave for school that night, 4pm rolls around and I head out to the garage. I start the car and you guessed it, the light is STILL ON! At this point I am freaked and have no intentions of getting on I-75 only to be attacked while driving 80mph up the freeway by some extraterrestrial being from my backseat!

I get out of my car...open every door...close every door. Check all the windows, including the back, then back in my car...lights still on. I am about to call Sarah and ask for a ride home - I can skip class - when a light pops on in my head...THE DIMMER SWITCH!

I slowly reach down to the bottom of the left side of my console dash (sure something will soon be eating my hand) and gently touch the nob. Sure enough, it was resting directly at that spot...you know, the "click" where you are only controlling the dimmer of your console lights and the hump where you turn your interior car lights on...it was sitting right there, right at the crest. That last speed bump into the parking garage must have made it stick.

I know, I know...one would think I would have checked that switch first, but I didn't. I mean come on, the lights were not on to begin with...!?!

Now I guess I should make that appointment with Kia, instead of Ghost Busters!

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