Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Last evening for school I had my fat tested
Bringing a curse for the nights I had rested

A measuring tape around my waist
Or around my neck, let’s not make haste

Then pinch this place and that place too
I feel as though I should be caged in the zoo

Fat is an ugly word, so let’s think of replacements
Obese, high risk…never mind I’ll just hide in the basement

Apparently I own what we know as a mirror
One that makes things appear much nearer

Nearer to thin-ish or healthy, curvy or even fit
Or nearer to McDonald’s drive through, my order to submit

A new day has come; no I won’t break into song
But after spin class today, I felt all wrong

This muscle hurts and this muscle screams
My bum thinks I’ve been in the saddle, or so it may seem

Terri was nice, for an instructor who yells
OH yeah, that spin class was great, even swell

My mirror deceived, since my eyes do the viewing
Apparently my mouth has been doing too much chewing

To all you who care and are up for the challenge
Remind me when you see fit; this is something I can manage

So no more fast food and no poorer planning
Come this summer I’ll need less of me for tanning!

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Shy Ritz said...

HI I Like writing poems and i love this one did u write it? I was wondering if I can copy it and put it on my fat blog?