Wednesday, January 9, 2008

counting points

Okay, blah, blah, year's resolution...blah, blah, blah.


I bet you didn't realize that:

11 (yes, ELEVEN)...go ahead, count them.

of these (above) Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds (yes, i realize the photo is on it's side, the can was tired and wanted to nap and i am lazy) equals 5 points. As if that is not bad enough, think about this...on sale, that small can, with 5 servings costs $3.00. Meaning that each serving averages you about $0.60. um, wow.

this (above) is my salad dressing. 2 tablespoons worth. Ken's Steakhouse Lite something or other Italian. 1 point. I tasted the measuring spoon after I put it in this snack size baggie, and it wasn't horrible. Ken's does good in general, and even there non-lite three cheese version was 3 points, so if you have them to use, then hey, enjoy! Don't forget to measure.

this (still above) is not cauliflower. It is yummy for my tummy blue cheese. This version happens to be Publix Reduced Fat Crumbled. 1/4 cup. 2 points. The small plastic container only has 4 servings and at about $2.50 each 1/4 cup serving will run you about $0.63. Not sure which is worse, the points or the pocket change.

This is my savory, doesn't it look good? (yes, i am only trying to convince myself) Although not pictured individually, but indeed a points value...are the questionably tasty dried berries bringing the grand total to 7!

Given the contents of this bag (of mostly veggies) I imagine I will be starving by 12:37pm and given this prediction I do plan on venturing to the deli downstairs, at about 11:59am, in hopes of scavaging for a boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breast (+3 points) to add to this zummy ZALAD!

If I were smart...okay, or maybe stupid, I would post my weight online so that THE WHOLE WORLD can watch me not lose any of it, but alas, I am not, in my most horrible of nightmares, EVER going to post my weight online. So...I'll just keep telling you the points value of each item I eat.

Oh I bet you can't wait...

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Katherine said...

...ok, the salad was pretty yummy after all!