Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jacqueline Elise Burns

Jacqueline Elise:
Big Sis Alexandra & The CoW:

Big Sis Caroline:

Big Sis Katherine & Jacqueline:

Jacqueline & Aunt Kathy(erine):

The CoW:

Big Bro Andrew:

Baby Jacqueline Elise:

Papa & Jacqueline:

Jacqueline & Aunt Kelly:


Momma & Andrew:

Jacqueline & Aunt Kathy:

Momma & Jacqueline:

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onehappygal said...

OK, here it goes again.... Anne, you are gorgeous, don't EVER think you aren't. You have such a beautiful family. Jacqueline Elise is an angel. Kathy, thanks for letting me comment on your blog :)