Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Where did Clint Black go?"

The other day Kelly asked me "Where did Clint Black go?". I checked my back seat, but he wasn't there and I have not seen him around the office either.

So, just for you, Kelly Di,
"Where IN THE WORLD is Clint Black?"

"When he felt that things were becoming a bit stale and feeling a certain sameness in the late 90's, he took a risk and shook things up by leaving his label of more than a decade, and taking a much needed break to reevaluate where he wanted to take his career. And more importantly, he and wife Lisa Hartman Black decided to start a family. The birth of daughter Lily Pearl gave Clint a new perspective and vigor that affected not only his personal life, but his professional and creative sides as well.
Clint devoted his time to nurturing his little family, and his big career. In 2003, he decided the best course for that career was to start a record company that was artist-friendly, and would be not only home to his recordings, but to other artists of a like mind and approach. Enter Equity Music Group. The release of Clint's highly anticipated first album for the label, Spend My Time, received great critical acclaim and gave the company the credibility it needed. The label proved itself to be a little scrapper, taking on the big corporations with a flair and success that earned it Billboard's #2 Independent Imprint of the Year and #4 Independent Label of the Year over all genres in 2006. In addition to Clint, the label is home to Little Big Town, whose first release for the label is already Platinum (and Billboard's #1 Artist and Album of the Year for 2006 all genres)."

And, although not from the new album, the current 4ofeight blog playlist is dedicated to Mr. Black...enjoy.

(don't stress, I'll put the other music up again after a few days!)

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