Friday, November 16, 2007

Tip of the WEAK!

Once upon a time (March 29, 2006 to be exact) a man driving a
slammed into the back of my pretty black Nissan Altima with me inside.
it hurt a lot. i got to ride in an ambulance.

it was a very uncomfortable ride.

Since this little incident, I have been a tad bit leery (or freaked out - take your pick) of large vehicles driving too fast or pulling up behind me.

So my

TIP of the WEAK for all of those BIG HUGE trucks that drive too fast and blow their obnoxious horns at me, when I have done nothing wrong.
Word to the wise, don't go speeding down the freeway, giving me an enema and getting horn happy when you are in the wrong and HAVE A COMPANY NAME, NUMBER AND VEHICLE # plastered to the side of your door!
And needless to say, even if the only thing printed on the side of the truck is the name of the company, I will still find you.

I am not afraid!

I will make sure that your employer knows you are endangering the rest of the society!

Pay attention and slow the freak down!

There is no reason a semi truck, dump truck or other large vehicle should be driving faster than the average passenger vehicle on the freeway or any other way.

And another thing...stay out of the left lane.
It is NOT FOR YOU! It is for we passenger vehicles that want to drive the speed limit, while other passenger vehicles, that want to drive slower, get to drive in the other lanes with you crazy psychos that find it necessary to swirve your deadly weapons in & out of traffic!

So, as for you...
Mr. Disrespectful Dump Truck Driver
who can't share the road, drives too fast and gives innocent passenger vehicles an enema...don't you worry, I am sure my call this morning to your office was received loud and clear when the nice receiptionist lady confirmed with your dispatcher, that it was indeed you...Mr. Vehicle #62!

Show some respect...we are all trying to get through daily traffice and construction on I-75, I would just prefer my ride NOT be in another ambulance!


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