Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Is Coming - Fall 2007 Semester is Almost Over!

I have been trying to hold off until December 1st, but I simply can't wait any longer...I must post the Christmas Tunes. Otherwise there is no way I will make it through the next week of finals. As it is I am sure I may very well go insane, but I have already committed myself to do far too much after finals are over, so I must endure!
Speaking of finals...prayers would be appreciated as I have all 4 of them on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Ugh! And did I mentioned I need to ace all of them? Well, I do.
So here's to making it through the next week and checking Fall 2007 Semester off my list. Then we can shop and sing and make fun things for Christmas, because I am ready!

Enjoy the melodies!

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