Friday, July 27, 2007

Favorite Smell of the Week

This is when I wish the internet had "scratch -n- sniff" capability

I don't usually promote anything that can ONLY be purchased at the mall (cause I hate the mall) but Bath & Body Works has the most amazing newish brand called Savannah Bee Company...yumm!
It is fantastic!
Go ahead...see if you can "scratch -n- sniff" that picture!

The girlfriends & I took a trip to the beach last weekend and on our way down we stopped off in Montgomery to pick up Nicole. While at her place I powdered my nose in the little girls room and used (what I think was called) Blackberry Honey hand wash. Yes, I forced myself to the mall the Monday after I returned to Atlanta, just to buy this product! My new apartment MUST have lovely smelly-good soap for my guests to wash their hands!

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