Friday, July 27, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

It's no secret that I am a single female - that by the way, just celebrated her 33rd birthday. The unusual part was that I celebrated my actual birthDAY in Birmingham Ala-freakin-bama at none other than ANOTHER single adult conference. I'm no quitter!

Around 12:30am on July 14th (the big day) myself and other rock'n singles that had just been tortured at the dance, made our way to the Waffle House!

Oddly enough we actually had a good time stuffing our faces with things smothered, covered, chunked and...what's the other one? It doesn't matter, I didn't have hashbrowns ~ I had a chocolate chip & pecan waffle. Uhm, hello? Did you hear me? was the most amazing birthday waffle of all time! And it was my is perfectly ok if I eat crappy food on my birthday!

The next day (still MY day) we (myself, Malissa, Paige & Elaine) went to the conference classes in the a.m., they were amazing! Then for lunch the girls took me to eat HIBACHI! Yummy and the company was of course...fantastic! Who doesn't love sitting in front of an enormous cook top as hot as the sun, only to have the Oriental chef wearing a hat longer than his body build you your very own onion volcano and force you to catch a steaming hot shrimp in your mouth!? "No, really...I'll wait to eat my shrimp with my chop-sticks!" It really was delish! Thanks ladies!

We spent the late afternoon at a testimony meeting and dinner provided by the conference and then of course, stewing over what to wear to the dance that night, cause you KNOW Mr. Right is going to be there! You just know it! And in the end we all looked great, but I can't say that Mr. Right revealed himself. Maybe he is shy, ok?!

The dance was, generally speaking, fun. Sweet, sweet Lori made a fuss about my birthday and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me. Not my favorite thing (people singing to me in public - especially when forced to wear a stupid hat...just an fyi) but I just adore her, so it's ok, thankfully there was no stupid hat at that point.

It would have been a great idea to get everyone we love & care about in the same picture, but that is way over our heads - we can't figure out how to get married, taking pictures might fall under the same challenging category! We did manage to grab (men from left to right) Jonathan, David & Jeff to join in a Kodak moment. Can anyone say "token males"? We need to find them wives! Only one a piece though. And the women (from left) Paige, Elaine, Malissa & me (Katherine).

Please, can I stop going to these conferences? Please!?

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