Friday, March 15, 2013

I wouldn't call it nostalgia

To say it was a nostalgic day would be wrong.  There was no longing as nostalgia would indicate, but more curiosity.  I had an interview downtown and arrived about 30 minutes before my appointment.  What better to do with my time than drive around and see my old stomping ground.  What a trip.

This is The Bay.  Salt Lake City's hottest night club!  Or at least that's what the Internet said.  This little gem, which I also remember being much larger, was where these tempting lips were first kissed.  I'm surprised this place is still open, I remember it being so much cooler back then.  Then again, so was the guy that kissed me.  These lips are sealed, I'll never tell..

In the next photo...behind the green door on the bottom left (#3) was my first apartment in Salt Lake City.  If I remember correctly Mom and Anne were in SLC and found this place for me.  My roommate was Korena from Weiser, Idaho and we shared a one bedroom apartment.  I borrowed a bed from Aunt Velois and I'm pretty sure I could move everything I owned in a brown paper bag.

Korena and I moved from the green door apartment (above) to this little beauty (below) right around the corner. We lived with Amee & Camille and for a bit, Jeanie in the upstairs apartment. [Nikki might have lived in this apartment at one point too, but I can't recall.]

Downstairs was an Indian family and it is them that I blame for my serious aversion to curry. This apartment had a huge kitchen, it was fabulous. It also used to be painted yellow when we lived in it, and there was a patio on the front porch roof top that we could access from our living room.  You can see in the door/window in the bay window on the second floor.

While living in this house I...

  • Shared one bathroom
  • Began my lifelong relationship with the Welch family 
    • Thanks to roomie Amee
  • Learned President Ezra T. Benson had passed away
    • I even remember calling Dad and being surprised that he didn't know yet
  • Attended a singles ward where emeritus general authority John Sonnenberg was my bishop
  • Tasted my first artichoke heart
    • yumm
  • Mom called to tell me our dog Goldie had died
    • It was on July 4 or 24, I'm not sure which, I just remember there were fireworks
  • I graduated from LDS Business College
  • Got my first real job at the University of Utah Hospital
  • Had my first experience with Biolage Conditioning Balm
  • Had the best body of my life
  • Did not own a car so I walked everywhere (see previous comment)
    • Camille had a car, I might have hitched rides sometimes
  • Learned from Grandma Shores to use an emergency blanket on my window to keep my room cool
  • Skipped church for no good reason 
    • Got deathly ill from the food at The Training Table while we should have been at church
    • Camille drove
  • Was introduced to and fell in love with fry sauce
Well that just about does it for this trip down memory lane.  The interview went great, hopefully there will be more interviews in my future.

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Captivating Eyes said...

I LOVE Biolage. It's my favorite! :) Loved reading all about your past. Hope things are amazing for you out there!