Friday, January 6, 2012

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This is my Mason Jar Soap Dispenser:

I made a few of these for friends & family for Christmas presents with plans to make myself one when I found an extra few moments. Then a week or so ago I was going through a box of jars my oldest sister Anne gave me and found an old square Presto Mason jar and fell in love! I stopped what I was doing instantly, grabbed the drill and went to town. Because I had a soap dispenser at the kitchen sink already I just used that pump. For the dispensers I made as gifts I purchased hand soap at the dollar store and just cut the pump to fit.

If you are wanting to make one of these for yourself just grab your power drill, or ask your husband if you can borrow his and your largest drill bit. Mine was only a 1/4" so once I made my initial hole in the lid I just wiggled around the hole to make it larger. Keep putting your pump into the hole to check for a snug fit and then use hot glue on the bottom side of the lid to make sure it is secure.

I decided not to go into much detail here because if you are anything like my you'll see the image and just do it your own way. If you do have questions just leave a comment, I'll get back to you via the good ol' blog.

I also found a recipe for liquid hand soap on Pinterest so I gave that a try too. Interesting, and so far it gets my hands plenty clean.

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Miranda Keating said...

hi there. i'd like to make some masion jar soap dispensers for presents as well. Just getting started, though. I had read another persons page, about the metal lids rusting and the pumps getting yuky. have you had that problem with yours yet? also, just wondering if you use a special pump, and where i migth be able to purchase them from. the lids you are using are the ones that have the center pieces that are separate..right?