Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There's a crack in my barrel.

I know I promised something off the beaten path for today’s foodie post, but it was 2 p.m. and the only thing I’d consumed was half a bottle of water and a mint…I just needed good food. And what better place to find good food when you’re on the road than Cracker Barrel? Seriously, best all time travel meal destination, especially when traveling alone. Because there is something about traveling alone that makes me want to stick close to the comfortable.

I asked to be sat next to an outlet (dead computer battery) so I am kind of in my own little world and I love it. There are a few older couples sitting a few tables away, but none of them are making out. And there is a fun little family sitting at a large table against the opposite wall. Four teenage boys and their parents…I can only imagine how much they can eat!

Speaking of food, I decided on the good’ol chicken fried chicken standby and it is so yummy. The mac-n-cheese is scrumptious and rivals the best I’ve eaten (BBQ Street) but sadly the pinto beans are a little disappointing. I really thought they were going to be great, this is just the kind of place that should make amazing beans…not so much. They needed salt and the sad thing is that at the point where they get to my table, salt really doesn’t do much. The baked apples are just sitting there staring at me like I am neglecting them, but I didn’t know what else to order (THREE sides…really?!) I’m stuffed and I still have a ton of food left on my plate(s.) But I can’t lie; maybe my favorite part of the meal was my Diet Coke with lemon. Sometimes when you ask for lemon in your drink they come out with a slice of lemon the width of a quarter. I do try to “squeeze” it, but usually I end up pulverizing it with my wimpy little fingers. Well not this place, I have a quarter wedge of lemon in my Diet Coke and it is marvelous! That’s lemon slice you can really get your fingers around. I know it seems a little loony, but it is the little things that make a meal, don’t you agree?

The parents of the teenage boys just left the table, coats and check in hand…three of the boys are still at the table eating. Ha! Love it.

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