Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No TV: day 7

I had to look at the calendar to determine that today was day 7 without television.
And although I allow myself wholesome movies on the weekends, I haven't watched any, I simply haven't had the time.

I am literally about to fall asleep at my computer.
I got home from Myrtle Beach at about midnight last night and had to be up early this morning for a meeting...that I inadvertently missed. Drat!

That is why tonight I will say, TV...what TV?!
And be done with it.

Then I will share this awesome photo I took out of the balcony door of my room at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa.
AKA: Heaven.

I will be back to sleep on your bed made of clouds!

1 comment:

Shauna_Rae said...

That is beautiful! Can I hide in your suitcase and go to a resort?.........