Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No TV: day 1

Did you know that a Mormon by the name of Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television? Or to be more accurate, the first fully-functional and complete all-electronic television system.

It's true, it even says so on Wikipedia, where all truth and knowledge resides.

I know about Philo because I took a writing class my first year of college and our text was the story of his life. It was fascinating at the time, but I don't remember much about it now.

I bet if he saw what we see on television now he would be really disappointed.
It is an amazing thing, the television. And so many great things have been accomplished/seen because of it so I am truly grateful. But doesn't it feel sometimes, like television rules your life?

Day one of the "television fast" is relatively uneventful. It helps that I work all day, but the moment I came in the door I had the urge to turn on the tube. I don't even know that I have gotten in the habit for anything more than hearing the noise. But isn't that kind of the problem now? The noise. I do believe it is.

After work I ventured out into the great unknown that is Alpharetta, Georgia and found the public library. Yes, they do exist! Happy to find out it is open until 8 p.m. and glad to see there were actual people inside, I ventured to the "new books" sign posted on the first rack of books I saw. They are having new computers installed so I could not access the catalog, and figured this was the safest place to be until I could get my bearings.

I knew I wanted two books, a fiction and a non-fiction, I just wasn't sure what to look for.
I also had a recommendation from a friend, but when I went in search of that book it was no where to be found. Maybe next time perhaps.

That's when I stumbled upon these two books:

First Family | Abigail & John Adams by Joseph J. Ellis
The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

We shall see how they turn out, but I am eager to get started reading.

Do you have any book recommendations?
Would you recommend it to your mom or dad?
Then leave a comment...I obviously need suggestions.

The sad truth of this whole "television fast" is that I may not have as much time to read as I had originally hoped. I have clean clothes to fold/iron/hang, dirty clothes to wash, a bathroom and kitchen to clean, church and work obligations too. Then there's the extra room that still has boxes that need to be unpacked and the living room that needs to be vacuumed.

When did I have time to watch television to begin with? I think I am just so generally tired that sitting in front of the television not thinking about anything is very tempting.

There is a purpose here and it is important to stay focused. I'm searching for something, something important and meaningful and I don't need the invasion of the television to distract me. Stay focused Katherine!

Don't forget: lights out at 10 p.m.


Captivating Eyes said...

I just started the Thomas S Monson biography and I'm loving it! Unfortunately, since the start of school, reading that has come to a halt since I have 3 other books I have to be the same time! Let me know how those books are. By the titles, they sound pretty intriguing! Keep it up!

MonikaC said...

We canceled our cable three or four months ago and I love it! The tv is never on during the week, except for the occasional movie after the kids go to bed. During the day I listen to talks from the most recent General Conference or some good music. I get much more done with no tv. It is great!

Alison said...

I love your no TV challenge. Since Chess has gotten old enough to notice, I have not turned on the TV during the day or in the evenings when Jared is home. Jared and I watch a few shows on Hulu, but we try not to have the "noise" going except on rare occasion. I just finished reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. It is amazing and my sister and dad read it, and we all recommend it.