Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 28

Preparing myself for happy tears...
This is dedicated to the one I love!

My bestie Charisse is days away from leaving on a jet plane for the other red, white & blue. ENGLAND! I simply can't believe she will be leaving me, alright us. I am so excited for her I simply feel like I will burst at the thought of such a fantastic experience. She will be in England for a year or more (not exactly sure) working on a masters program. Divine, the thought!

I realize it is silly that I will be missing her so, after all right now we are nearly 2000 miles apart and I haven't seen her in years. Such a sad state this unemployment has created in my life. It used to be that I would travel at a moments notice and visit friends all over. Now I have all the time in the world and no mula to make it happen.

Reese honey, I promise to do everything in my power to make the trip to see you. I simply can't imagine you actually LIVING in England and my not coming over to sit for a spell. I'll give you time to get settled, get the lay of the land, find myself a job, stock up on some savings and then I'm on my way over! I wish I were going to be in SLC this weekend so I could come to your party and celebrate this upcoming adventure. I would look at flights, but I would rather save my pennies for England and visit you there. Now I'm sure we will talk before you leave, but tonight I am feeling particularly emotional about losing you to the Brit's. Make some connections and find me a job over there...I'll come keep you company.

Now tell much fun is THIS girl going to have in England!?

Katherine (me), Charisse & Monika

Besties get away to Las Vegas a million years ago.
Remember how much fun we had?
Me neither! Let's do it again in LONDON!

See you soon sweetie!

Side note:
You don't follow Charisse's blog now?
You will want to!
I expect epic international blogging while making her mark in the mother land.


MonikaC said...

That is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us! I miss both of you so much!

Captivating Eyes said...

I will totally join you! =P

Cyd said...

You're so wonderful - I love you too! I'm taking that picture of the three of us with me... there will at least be a little bit of us in the UK together! (Of the other picture: what was I wearing, and why do I not own that hat?!? I should have taken it with me. *sigh*)

I will make sure you always have a spot so you can come anytime! (The "good thoughts" vibe for the next several months is: "Doctorate. 2012 Olympics." Get your ticket as soon as I get in!)

I miss you too! Regular emails have GOT to get back on the schedule... and I will blog. Soon. XOXO