Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 24

Note: Sunday is a day of rest

Searching for a job is only similar to a game of hide & seek in the way that both require you to look for something.

Unfortunately unlike searching for a job, a game of hide & seek usually ends with actually FINDING.

We used to play hide & seek in the house when we were little. That was fun because we had a lot of places to hide. Maybe searching for a job is more like a game of sardines, after all isn't the goal to join the individuals we are seeking?

If real life were like hide & seek or sardines when you opened the bathroom closet and found your little brother or sister crammed into the dirty clothes hamper, holding real still, hoping you can't see them. But what if they don't like your qualifications, skill set, experience or outfit they would reject you by reaching up and slamming the closet door in your face, not sending you a politely written letter.

Maybe hiring managers should take a hint from a few 9-year-old kids and slam a door in my face, at this point I think it might feel better than reading one more email with the sentence, "
We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position at this time." Because those emails are my FAVORITE!

Especially when I get them on the Sabbath.
Dude, it's Sunday...give it a rest!

the rejection did NOT come from the job I

Just the job I

Keep praying!

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Landlocked Shores said...

Keepin on prayin.... Love you!