Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 22

Swallowing a teaspoon of pride sucks, a tablespoon might as well be the crap the dentist uses to make an impression of my teeth.


Let me preface the remaining content of this post with the fact that my father is AMAZING! He rocks on all levels.

With that said I have to apologize to some of the single men on the planet that I have complained about in the past. As a single woman I tend to blame my lot in life on them and that may not be the fairest thing for me to do. Let's be honest, things on the courting front have changed in the past 100 years or so.

Today, courting is something you might do if you need to pay a parking ticket, plead no contest (cause you done it!), or if your baby momma found you and your wages for that minimum wage job are about to be garnished for all that back child support.

Who would think anything about it except that the men are all go with the flow and women are hanging out watching chick flicks every weekend. The worst part is they don't even have to be Pride & Prejudice or Dirty Dancing, every other Friday there are three or four examples of how we are not the exception but indeed we are the rule coming out on the big screen!

But this is it, this is the end. No more blame game between the single women (at least this one) and men, it is clear it is your father's fault. And his father, and his father, and his father. Because somewhere along the line someone missed a step. Instead of teaching their sons how to court a girl with the straight up tell it how it is approach they were practicing their gossip game skills. You lose a lot of details that way folks!

It is however YOUR responsibility to fix this problem, single men of the world. Go ahead, try the kind of courting that does NOT require a summons. We're not looking for a blockbuster, but we are looking for our own chart topping, best selling love story. Imagine...YOU could make that happen!

Just once we want to actually be THE EXCEPTION!
YOUR exception.

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