Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 14

On the way to the airport earlier today I asked my sister Kelly if she had been reading my blog. It's important for a writer to know those closest to her are enjoying the blood, sweat and tears. Her reply:

"Yeah, your posts are kind of long."

Well alrightythen, it looks like I need to keep things shorter and sweeter. Blast, and I thought I had ramped up the witty and comical enough to add an extra paragraph or two.

We went to the airport to pick up Mom/Grandma. She and Dad live in Ohio, but there are plenty of important pieces of their life here in Georgia so they visit often. I love it when they come to town, cause it's hard that they live so far away. Especially right now. Life can only get better when you can go home to visit the 'Rents.

We drove home in rush hour traffic. That was not fun and gave me anxiety. Not driving and sitting in the back seat might have had something to do with it, but the traffic in Atlanta - on the Thursday night of a three day weekend to boot - can hold it's own any day of the week!

I'll do my best to provide quality content regardless of mom being in town. I'll be spending as much time with her as I can but I'll save the wee hours of the morning (as usual) for all my loyal fans.

And yes Kelly, I'll try to keep it short.

Loyal fans...are you there?
Why don't you ever talk to me?

Other bloggers get lots of comments.
What's up with that?!


Jessica said...

I've just gotten back into blogging. I'll try to read more often and post more often.

Captivating Eyes said...

Hey now, I read ALL of them. :)

And I don't think they're too long.

Landlocked Shores said...

I'm here and listening... post something fun about Mom :) Pics... etc. Loves from Texas!

Alison said...

I want you to know I'm reading! Actually, I've thought of semi-witty comments several times, but I am usually nursing the babe when I am online, so one-handed typing is too slow-going for me. Either that, or I read quickly, then have to change a diaper, fix a snack, clean a mess, or something else like that interrupts me. Just know I'm here, and reading. I love it.

Cyd said...

You are so right. I love you, you're fabulous, and since we don't talk often in person (you'd think I didn't LIKE my phone, or something!) at least we can interact on our blogs. *nods*

Obviously, I have no problem with long blog posts. It's all about THE STORY.


(Also, I very nearly got "hooters" as my word verification. HAH.)

Lori said...

I have your blog in my google reader so I've been keeping up! The one about being single at married dinner was truly hilarious - Logan thought so too. And I love the picture on the side of, I'm guessing you and your mom?
Keep on writing!!!