Friday, July 2, 2010

How to...

So I saw this very clever post on eHow about finding hot topics to write about. The author suggested pulling up a Google search and typing the beginning of the phrase "How to..." and see what the most popular searches are. I was extremely curious to see what came up so I had to try it out for myself.

The results were interesting, seeing the most popular "How to..." searches and funny thinking about actually answering the search question. So I figured this would make for a far more entertaining post if I tried to answer them in 20 words or less.


KISS: You've got to pucker up your lips, like this...

TIE A TIE: The rabbit goes around the tree and down the hole...

TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: Be his candle on the water.

GET A GIRL TO LIKE YOU: Be a man, be a man, be a mighty, mighty good man!

LOSE WEIGHT FAST/LOSE 10 POUNDS IN A WEEK: IV fluids, as the breeze glides over your backside through the opening of your hospital gown!

GET PREGNANT: So, what you do is...just kidding. Pass!

SOLVE A RUBIX CUBE: What's the problem? Five minute cab ride with future boss man. HappYness.

EYEBALL 3 OUNCES: Palm of your hand. No, deck of cards. No, bowling ball...Oh, just go buy a scale.

Hey that was fun! So here's the question: do the results of the "How to..." Google game change daily? This little bit of entertainment has some potential for future posts. So long as that "How to get pregnant" search doesn't rear it's ugly head again. Yikes!

Do you have better answers for these "How to..." questions? Share them!


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Angelia Sims said...

Ha Ha! You gotta love Google and it's searches.

There were several games that went around regarding Google searches that I got a big kick out of. Like your name and a keyword, then you post the 5 entries that came up. I wish I could remember exactly it was really funny.