Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water Fountain Fail | An afternoon at Dallas Tire

This afternoon I spent an obscene amount of time and money at Dallas Tire.

What started out as a trip to get my rotor's turned, turned into a trip for two new rotors and four new break pads. I guess I should be grateful that it wasn't four new rotors, but come on already...little white Kia needs to remember I don't have a job!

Regardless of the costly (time and money) experience, it was still a good one.

The good ol' boys at Dallas Tire were fantastic and I recommend them to anyone in need of vehicle maintenance and/or repairs. They fed me a hearty lunch of hot dog & bun, Doritos and chocolate chip cookies. A frosty cool beverage of Caffeine Free DC to wash it all down and endless hours of Food Network to watch while I waited.

No, I couldn't hear the television over the roar of the Indy race car simulator being driven by any and all available grease monkeys

(I use this term lovingly...grease monkey's are my favorite kind of monkey!)

And really lunch was only provided because Firestone was on site to show off its Indy car body and $125K Corvette (It was gorgeous and the purrr...Heaven!)

Aside from the great service, gentle handling when breaking the bad news and lunch, the best part of the day is sharing with you their water fountain FAIL...

Vice-grips or water fountain knob?

Pretty sure either one does the trick, especially for the boys who didn't charge me any labor fees to install a new belt because I was moments away from calling the movers and picking out new paint colors when they finally brought my Kia around. Good men, love them...and oh how the world could use a few more!

And if there is any doubt I could give them more of my money, I'll be returning next week for an oil change.


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Nicki said...

i tried to post but blogger hates me! cool guys at Dallas Tire!