Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Open letter to Subway | What went wrong with the orchard chicken salad?

Dear Subway,
If I'm in the mood for a sandwich (rare) I choose SW. One reason might be that you provide little packets of lemon juice for my Diet Coke. As such, I feel it is my duty to talk to you about the new Orchard Chicken Salad. I like chicken salad, even after having attended roughly one million bridal/baby showers where it was served. I was thrilled to see a change in your menu in this direction and eager to try the new addition, especially at the touted 8 grams of fat!

I picked up my 6" on the way home and was eager to get settled at home to enjoy my dinner. Wow, was I disappointed. Sadly it only took three bites for me to wrap it back up and toss it into the garbage. Yes, I'm serious.

First things first, it looked NOTHING like the photo or the images on the commercials. What you see in the (above) image is an inviting display of chunks of chicken, celery, apples, cranberries, and golden raisins. What came out of my Subway wrapper was anything but chunky and what most people would consider soup. And after the woman behind the plastic barrier smashed the scoop full of chicken salad onto my bun, I suppose you could have called it a bread bowl because at that point it was certainly no longer a bun.

Before you jump to conclusions about my having added lots of juicy veggies that might have sabotaged my meal...let me confirm, I did not. The only thing joining the chicken salad between the bun was a heaping pile of lettuce. Simple, just the way I like it.

So what went wrong? My guess is the mayo. One simple solution would be using less of it...a lot less, that might just do the trick. Or, maybe you could actually add some of that chicken, celery and apples you mention. I don't care much about the cranberries or raisins, so do what you will on that regard.

All I'm saying is someone might have considered conducting a taste test before you brought it out for public consumption. And since I'm sure you actually did, maybe the problem lies in your franchise operation...might want to check it out. It's either that or you start serving it with a spoon, and there is only one person I know who eats Mayo with a spoon.

Best of luck with your future recipes.


p.s. This particular franchise did not have my little lemon juice packets, so disappointing. Certainly won't see me screaming with joy back to your yellow wilderness of wonder anytime soon.



The Sixth Sister said...

I stopped eating Mayo with a spoon YEARS ago! loves

Jen Thomas said...

thanks for the heads up! Although I shouldn't be eating that... the commercials did have my attention! I love GOOD chicken salad- and now I won't have to waste my $ there! :)

love you