Thursday, June 17, 2010

Employing the Employed

Lately I have strayed from writing lengthy blog posts because I worry that my daily routine of job searching would take over my Web World. Yes, this is a blog about me, written by me, so why shouldn't I talk more about the job search? For one reason...I'm exhausted of the whole situation and writing about it only makes me more exhausted. But today I draw a line, I've kept my mouth shut long enough and you can't expect me to keep quiet any longer.

What's all the fuss? I'll tell you what..."The Unemployed Applicants Are Not Considered". This is an article from the Resumark Blog that I follow. I read the article this morning and although I had my suspicions, this article proves I was correct. It seems that more and more companies are hiring only currently employed applicants. What? Are you serious? Yes! And I don't get it. Of course I'm sensitive to this problem because I am unemployed applying for the same jobs as those who are employed and obviously getting over-looked. But I'm unemployed for the same reason most everyone else is no fault of our own. So what about recent graduates (a category I also find myself in) does working in a bar or waiting tables as my current employment make a recent college graduate more employable than someone who is not working at all? How about if I have more professional experience than someone just simply working, does that still make them more employable. How can just simply working make any one more qualified? It doesn't.

This just isn't right. I know, no one ever said life was fair, or right, or anything remotely close to any of those things, but since there is no law against this it puts those of us that are unemployed at a huge disadvantage for no reason.

I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. Other than running out and applying for a job at the local Wal-Mart or Target. Oh,'s likely they won't hire me either, since I'm over-qualified and they know I'll leave at the drop of a hat. I don't want to work there. I want MY job...not just A job.




Nicole said...

Uhm...I was a waitress for about 4 months before I got my "professional" job. They don't have to know you looking for employment elsewhere...say your taking a hiatus from the corporate world. That is what I did and it seemed to work. :)

suzain said...

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