Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lemonade | bike ride #2

Today I bought a glass of lemonade from the boys that live in the house on the corner. I only paid $0.25 and it was really great lemonade and a lot of it too. They were so excited I stopped and I couldn’t get over the thrill on their faces. I asked if they were busy and they said no, "you're our first customer!" Then the older brother turned to his younger brother and said “tell Mom we have our first customer!” That little guy went running toward the house like he won the lottery and before he even made it half way was screaming at the top of his lungs “MOM…MOM!” I wish they had been back out when I was driving the littles home from school…I would have bought all of us a cup. I remember having a lemonade stand, back when I was innocent and naive. I thought I could make millions...or at least enough to by the big stick of Laffy Taffy from the store. Can you imagine what we would accomplish if we had the kind of excitement these little boys had, for our own work? I hope they are out again tomorrow...I will need some more lemonade for sure!

Early this morning (long before the lemonade stand showed up) I went out on my bike again. I rode 2.4 miles and I gotta say, my mind has been playing tricks on me! I was convinced it was going to be nice, simple...even an easy ride.


I know you're laughing at me because I only rode 2.4 miles. That's NOTHING on a bike. But it was something for me, and It was NOT easy. And the gears are frustrating, as glad as I am to have them I struggle finding what works. I can’t go tomorrow (there is a special visitor flying in tomorrow and I’ll be making a trip to the airport bright and early in the morning...so excited!!!)

When I do go out again I will have to make myself go further, even if my hands kill me, my butt protests in solid agony and my anxiety from riding on the road take over. It was nice; I just need to remember THAT, during the tough parts. (Good news is, I found a hitch mount bike rack for the Kia and I'm picking it up on Thursday. That way I can get to the Silver Comet and ride without fearing for my life on the road.)

Honestly, I know it is only going to get worse as the heat of the Georgia summer creeps into the early morning. I tell you what...if I could give away a few months of Georgia weather, it would be June, July and August. Yuck.

If you're going to give up, please get out of my way!
~ me

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