Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gene Waltersheid | Billy Goats Gruff

Every time I smell, eat, see, think of a cantaloupe I think of (family friend) Gene Waltersheid. I’m not sure why, maybe he had cantaloupes on his farm, but he’s the memory and there’s no changing that, not that I want to.

POST EDIT/PHOTO REMOVAL: Mom informed me that the photo I had here (I thought showing Gene Waltersheid) was indeed NOT Gene, but rather Jess Buckner. Ha! See how much I know! This doesn't change the story, so let's carry on...

So about a million years ago I was with my Dad visiting Gene at his farm and his entire heard of goats chased me up on top of the hood of a car.

(Maybe it was just one goat, but it makes a better story when there are dozens of hostile monsters, rather than one.)

When I had the opportunity, I made a run for it and headed to the swing set. They had me cornered…trapped on top of the slide. Dad and Gene finally rescued me, but not after first being scared FOR LIFE!

True story and I remember it like it was yesterday! Best guess, I was about 4-years-old when that happened…so picture me looking like this:

So sweet and innocent! Especially in my favorite Winnie The Pooh shirt.

I’m not around many goats these days (unless you count men - and then I'm still not around many of those either!) but I am sure they would still freak me out just a bit. The goats that live by the back road to our house were out close to the fence today so I stopped to take some pictures.

This one spit at me.

Hey buddy...spitting at me won't win you any raw carrots or whatever it is you dream of while eating that nasty grass!

p.s. Did you notice the little guy hanging out trying to steal the shot. I'm pretty sure he was the cutest thing EVER and I would take him home if it weren't for that part where he grows up and acts like his saliva spitting Daddy. Nasty.

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