Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eating Mexico with Abbi

Today I mowed (part of) the lawn.
(It's HUGE...left the back 40 for tomorrow!)
Upon further inspection of said lawn, I sped to J&J’s to borrow a weed-wacker.

I returned with one of each of the following:
leaf blower

Abbi and I decided on the way back out to my place we needed ice cream so I introduced her to the chocolate dipped cones at DQ. She was in Heaven and didn’t let one drop escape her. I would have taken a picture, but she ate it so quickly that I didn’t have the chance.

After a bit of (Abbi) playing in the fort and (me) working in the yard she was gracious enough to let me shower before we headed out again. Earlier I asked her what she wanted for dinner. Her reply: “Mexico”. I’m not surprised; the girl could win a taco eating contest with a Mexican. We decided to surprise my friend Angel, who recently started waitressing at La Bamba Mexican Restaurant in Acworth. Angel was super surprised and it was good to see her and spend a little time catching up.

Here we are!
(Totally making
el senor wait to put our plates down
- he was patiently standing behind the
senorita taking the picture.)

Abbi dug right into the chips and queso and even tried her hand at a bit of salsa.
It was too “spicy” she said.

The nicest grandma & grandpa stopped by our table on their way out and told Abbi what a sweet girl she was.
She really was a complete angel. She drank out of a huge big girl glass and didn't spill a drop, ate her dinner...OK mostly just chips and queso, used her napkin (not her clothes) and stayed in her chair the entire time!

After dinner we headed back to her house, but not without first stopping by Walgreen's to pick up a toy.
Because "Aunt Kathy, I would really like a toy!" was expressed to me about a million times.

It was a fun afternoon, just Abbi and I.
I tell you what, I think I could totally have a child.
Yes, just one.

Or, if I had started early enough I could have had number two when number one turned 16.

Fine, I'm mostly kidding.


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