Thursday, April 29, 2010

case of mistaken email identity | You've got the wrong Katherine!

About a year ago I received a random email inviting me to a game of Bunko. I was in a long list of obviously female email recipients, so I realized it was not spam, but more likely a case of mistaken email identity. Besides, I've never been invited to play Bunko with even my besties.

I sent a reply to everyone on the list explaining that I was not the Katherine they were looking for and encouraged them to have a great time at their party.

Since then, about every month or so, I receive another random email. They aren’t spam…it’s obvious by the senders address and the content of the email. Sometimes it’s a “how are you?” with details about this and that, asking how my husband or children are...confirming I don’t know this person. Sometimes it’s another invitation to a party for someone else I don’t know. And sometimes it’s a reply to an email the OTHER Katherine sent.

That is the case in tonight’s email:

"Hi Katherine,

Sorry, I realized today that I hadn't replied to your email about Jazmin's 18th Party, which I read when I was really jet-lagged. I'm afraid Mick & I won't be able to attend. Please wish the birthday girl a "Happy Birthday" from us.

I noticed that, like me, you couldn't make coffee the other day - how's the job going?

Love Hazel xxx"

Mick & Hazel sound like lovely people...sorry they are going to miss Jazmin's 18th party. (THIS Katherine certainly doesn't have an 18 year-old-daughter!) The OTHER Katherine obviously likes to it must be a Katherine thing. But I find it funny that I have continued to inform this group of women that they have the wrong Katherine...but they still send me emails.

So I obviously laugh out loud tonight as I think of a recent conversation with a friend of mine, Sara. I have sent Sara a number of emails lately (about her wedding cake) and she hasn't received any of them. It finally dawned on me to check the email address I was sending this correspondence to and ya...


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