Thursday, March 18, 2010

the sun is shinning | I can't pitch | feed me

Today the sun was shining...
It was spectacular!

When the kids came home from school I took Tanner and Sariah to the park for a little batting practice.

This is Tanner's "I've got my stance" face:

Riah was a trooper and fielded a lot of balls for us.
We let her have a hand at batting too.
In the end what I learned today is that I am not a good pitcher. I always played catcher and now it make sense.
I think next time we'll have to go to the actual batting cages and just rent the automated pitcher.
Either that, or I have to get some pitching practice in soon!

After the baseball fields we jumped over to a great little city park across the street.
The kids kept saying how uncle John had taken them there before and spun them super fast on the Mary-go-round.

There was a man there with his son who stepped in for a bit of the "super fast" spinning.

The Mary-go-round is in a portion of the park meant for little children so we ventured out to find the big kid toys.
We were derailed by a pond full of hungry swans and ducks.
This guy swam right over to us and looked at me in eager expectation.
Sadly, we had no bread.
Next time big guy.

This little guy found us when we sat down for a spell on a bench swing.
He waddled right up out of the water and onto the path directly in front of us.
The kids tried to get it to come closer, but I had to tell them to stop since we didn't have any food.
I didn't want him thinking our fingers were up for grabs!

After the park we had to meet up with their momma because Riah had cheer leading practice.
Tanner and I took full advantage of an opportunity and had ourselves a dinner date at Ryan's.
He picked the spot, otherwise we would have ended up at Mellow Mushroom.
We had a nice time and just chatted it up while we ate lots of yummy food.

Sorry, no pictures of our date. I figured lugging my camera inside was just asking for trouble.

I have a (shopping) date with Kelly & Charley tomorrow...yippee!
Yikes, I better get to bed.

dream big

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