Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photoshop | Textures

When I was still in school I took a Photoshop/InDesign class and feel madly in love.

(My professor loved me and still shows off my work to her classes...I'm so proud!)

Everything about the Adobe Creative Suite is exciting to me. I didn't learn everything I wanted/needed to learn and I have done some toying around with tutorials online in the past, but tonight I had the best time learning about textures.

I used this picture of Jenna I took at the park a few days ago...



It was a lot of different textures and layering and not all too difficult, just trying to follow the directions.
Jenna is beautiful, so the original photo was great. The "after" photo is just fun because it's different.

I think next time I'll play with some landscape images or something.

(Levi, I want/need [yes need] some additional fonts. I need help with that when you feel the desire to be tortured.)

dream big

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Landlocked Shores said...

That's really cool! I need to spend more time teaching myself that kind of stuff and torturing Aaron Levi!