Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite aunt | Enforcer aunt

Being the favorite aunt does not a favorite babysitter make. For the past day I have watched J&J’s girls and aside from blatant ignoring of the aunt, it was great. The problem with being the favorite aunt turned 24-hour babysitter is that favorite aunts are rescuers, not enforcers.

More than a few hours with the favorite aunt, downgrades favorite aunt status to enforcer aunt status and no niece or nephew on the planet likes the enforcer aunt. Just ask any of them. And in this case, I was the lone enforcer aunt, with no +1 backup to come to my rescue. Thus why I was not above begging the eldest nieces of the family to join us for tacos and a little enforcer aunt assistance tonight, in the 25th hour. A lone enforcer aunt can be compared to a single mom who just gave birth to two toddlers and a 16-month-old and the past 24 hours would be like the first day home from the hospital.

It wasn’t all bad, not even close to bad actually...we did have a bit of fun watching movies, playing at the park and reading bedtime stories, just to name a few. The hard part was more along the lines of bath-time, “you’ve been watching too much t.v. so go play” time, Wal-Mart/Target time, and even a few tough moments during “favorite aunt can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich” time. It’s not anyone’s fault, it just is what it is, and I am not cut out for single-mom-hood.

But I would watch them all over again tomorrow if they needed me, because that’s just what favorite aunt’s do. (Favorite aunts would also bring 24-hour reinforcements by the name of Madz & Ri.) (Favorite aunts might also be OK with dirty babies to avoid bath time altogether!)

Favorite Jenna moments of the day:

#1) Me: (Answering Abbi's question) "Grandma & Papa can't come to eat tacos with us because they are in Ohio."
Jenna: "OOOhio!...OOOO'Kathy!"

#2) During dinner Maddie took Jenna to the restroom. When they returned, Maddie recounted the following:

When they were in the restroom a little boy was washing his hands with his mom and said "Mom, look at her, she is so beautiful" talking about Jenna. (And Maddie clarifies, beautiful was more like "boo-ti-fol".)

Funny, I couldn't understand why everyone at the table behind us was smiling at Jenna as I was helped her back into her seat. Then Maddie told me the little boy was at that table. J&J are going to have a mess on their hands when she turns 16. Oh wait, they already do!

Favorite Abbi moments:
#1) In the car, driving out of the subdivision I was thinking to myself how cute it was that Abbi knew all the words to the song that was on the radio (I think it was Taylor Swift). The song had changed and she was singing along again, only this time I was moments too late to change the channel when she sang right along with the song "...hell..." I said (as I turned off the radio), "Oh Abbi, lets not sing that song, it has a bad word. To which Abbi replied "What is hell?" Ha! I didn't even have to tell her which one it was. Favorite Aunt's reply "I'll let you ask your Daddy, OK."

#2) While browsing the jewelry at the Bulls Eye Boutique Abbi approached with hand fulls of lovely earrings and asked "Can I get these?" to which I replied "no honey, you don't even have wholes in your ears."

As she put the earrings back where she found them she said, under her breath "I have always wanted pierced ears." Me, "oh really?" Yes, when can I get pierced ears?" Me, "Why don't you ask your Mommy & Daddy."

I had no idea she even knew what "pierced ears" were. Where does she get this stuff?! She's only 5!

Favorite Claire moments:

Claire doesn't really talk, but on the way to the ballpark after tacos Riah had Claire laughing pretty hard, it was super cute!

Seriously J&J, glad I could help, love your littles and would do it again tomorrow if you needed me.
Love your hair…Hope you win!

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