Thursday, January 21, 2010

life in a cardboard box | project tease | Throwback Thursday

Hola Blogger Familia!

I really want to blog about something fabulous. Unfortunately my life in cardboard is neither fabulous or something to blog about. I’ve been blog stalking and there are so many cute, cute ideas out there, I really want to jump in and get my hands dirty doing something fun and crafty. My life in boxes is starting to get really, really (really) old.

Thankfully Kelly & Charley have been making multiple visits over to help me pack…
What a mess!

Lizards needs kisses too!

What a mischievous smile!
Moments later she was UNDER that same stack of paper.

If it weren’t for them I would still be sitting in the living room in tears. OK, not really in tears, but probably sitting in a large accidental nest of new paper print wondering what to pack next. And yes, technically Charley likes to UNpack most everything we pack and really, really enjoys playing in the paper, but I love having her here with us.

I’ve taken most of my clothing to the new place and set up the beginnings of a nice little temporary spot. Being there with some of my littles is going to be fun; we’ve already hung out in my room doing homework as they helped me get settled. Super glad Maddie didn't need my help with her math because well...yikes, I could hardly manage to help Riah with her antonym assignment! All that work getting my Bachelors and it seems I would have a hard time passing 4th grade!

It took a few days, but I was determined to finish the two small gift projects I had in the works and I finally did. They are still in the “can’t post that” phase because I have to wait to post until the gifts have at least been delivered. Hopefully one of those will be in the mail tomorrow and the other could be next week if we can get our schedules straight.

Here’s a little sneak peak at one of them…

Isn't that curious! I know...I can hardly wait for the reveal.

In all my packing I ran across a CD amongst some random DVD’s. It says “personal photos” – which scared me a little. It’s in my hand writing, but still, that could be suspicious. Never fear, all was well and I found some great oldish photos. So, since I have nothing else to blog about I’m deeming today “Throwback Thursday” and we’re visiting the land when Katherine was tan and littles were really, really little:

This is Anne's husband Scott and their first little (Alexandra) when she was just a tiny little thing. She is 6 years old now and I can still see her making that face now. Except now she is actually able to say "Why are you looking at me like that? And would you please put me down?" She's a stinker...but I love love love her. (Hi little lady Alex!)

Siblings: 5 of the 8 isn't bad, right? This picture was actually taken around the end of June 2002 or maybe 2003. We were together celebrating Dad's birthday (don't ask how I know the details, I just do). Good times. Look how tan I was! I miss summers at the beach! Soon. Very, very soon!

[Top left] Levi & Anne
[bottom left] me, Sarah & John
[missing] Jo, Nicki, & Kelly

Speaking of summers at the beach...this was taken on my very first trip to the Florida coast the summer of...2000...I think. What an amazing trip. I have no idea why this picture was on this CD and where the others from that summer have disappeared to, but oh the memories. Such a great trip!

[Top left] Shaun Little, Tyra Collett Pounds, Me, Chava Green Bellows, & idk?
(sorry...I seriously can't remember that guys name. Ooops.)

I like Throwback Thursday.
I might just have to revisit the idea next week.

And the week after that too.

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Anne said...

Alex touched the screen as if touching her baby self in the photo. She asked if we still had those clothes and where were we? And is Daddy's shirt a work shirt?

And look at skinny me! What a great photo. I should be inspired...