Wednesday, January 13, 2010

happy birthday Anne & Jac | projects revealed!

Wow, I’ve been a little M.I.A. lately, haven’t I? I must admit, I have had many of those thoughts, you know the thoughts I’m thinking “I should blog about that.” And then it’s gone and lost in my memory forever. And it’s not lonely there, that thought has lots of company…how I wish I could remember so many things.

However, the reason for today’s post is special. Remember HERE when I posted the longest post ever and at the end I teased about a little craft project I was working on (a wooden frame and Scrabble game pieces that I saved from being shipped off to the land of misfit toys. Well, I couldn’t post the final project before because it was for my sister ANNE’s birthday. I shipped it a little while back even though her birthday isn’t until January 17. Thankfully she opened her present early (I don’t know how she let it sit there unopened for so long!) so now I can finally post the final product. TA DA!

Isn’t it darling! Oh it is, and you know you want one just like it. I even managed to hide my signature in all those letters…how fun is that. But I suppose for those of you that don't know Anne & Scott, they and now their littles, are avid (and by avid I mean, CRAZY!) Scrabble players. They are good too. The scores those people get are in sane. Anne is the sister I call when I can't think of a word...and she usually spits it right out. It's a gift. I once had a boyfriend (ha! that's funny crap!) and we were invited to hang out with Anne & Scott (I think they were just married) at their place. We played Scrabble. No, they played Scrabble...I don't think you can call what we did playing. They have a Scrabble Dictionary and Anne & Scott might carry around a pocket size for all I know. They have Jr. Scrabble, but I bet their littles are bored with it. And I'm probably leaving out some other way to explain what big fans they are. I love the game, it's great and it's a thinking game, which only makes it better. But Anne & Scott...LOVE the game. That's why this frame was so perfect for her.

And just because I can, I have to show off the hat I made Anne’s youngest Jac. I blogged about this hat on the same post as the Scrabble Frame tease, so I’m sure you remember it. It looks SO much better on her cute little head than it did on my stupid candle. I missed her birthday by a few weeks, but she still loved it. Isn’t she just the cutest!

Anne told me she wore it to bed the night she received it in the mail and scared Scott half to death when he went to check on her. Ha! Ha! Ha! That made me laugh out loud…a lot.

OK, that’s all for now…must go, I’m heavy into the book “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. I had to read it before I go see the movie and that’s definitely in the plans.

It's a library book...don't you love libraries? I love how you can walk down all the aisles and feel like you are among great authors. And the books, I love how this one has that plastic cover that crinkles when you hold onto it. And the brings back memories of the Carlsbad library where I took art lessons once upon a time. It has a the inside of Mom's huge terra cotta pot (that now sits at Kelly's I'm sure.) I'm just your local library!

More soon…I know you’ll be waiting with baited breath.

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