Monday, December 21, 2009

a moose...thank you | fudge fail | 3 days

I have this thing for moose.

They seem so fierce and yet oddly lovable. I like the idea of owning a bit of earth in the mountains and waking on a cold, snow covered morning to moose roaming my yard. (In this dream my strikingly handsome husband is downstairs fixing breakfast and I join him on the enclosed back porch – warmed by our wood burning stove – to finish our hot cocoa.)

And back to reality…today I received another moose to ad to my collection:

Isn’t he so handsome! I am IN LOVE, you ought to feel him! (Scratch that, don’t touch my moose!) He is so amazingly soft I might actually sleep with him tonight. No, I’m not kidding. Eat your heart out boys! Don't you love how his little foot says "2009"? That's me...I'm CLASS OF 2009!

Levi & Andy gave him to me as a graduation present. They are so thoughtful. Thank you so much guys! (Word on the street is that Axel (their dog) gave all the other pets in the family Christmas presents…they even remembered my turtle Rhett. I’m super excited to find out what he got them. Thoughtful is an understatement!)

OH, and that’s not even the best part. Levi gave me something else for graduation…a Web site. Technically I have one HERE, but it is so hard to manage/update (because I'm not a techy). He did an amazing amount of research and found a blog-like Web page builder (for lack of a better word, or the knowledge to use the correct word) and transferred all of my information over to the new page and is hosting it on his server (yeah, he's that smart...).

I still have a lot to learn, but he also hooked me up with a great resource for tutorials. I really wish I knew more, and I guess I will soon. I have to update my resume on the new site and then it will be working ready…still with some things to be added. But this way I can send the link to my site for job applications and my potential employers can have my portfolio as they look at my resume. I have to find a job, so this is huge! Now I just have to get it going. Levi & Andy are out of town at the moment, but my goal is to watch a few tutorials while they are gone and learn lots to impress my little bro. (When it's up & ready I'll share for all my blog stalkers viewing pleasure.) Thanks again Levi, you are fabulous and I was completely surprised!

And the moose...I love him, thank you both so much! You rock.

And for an update on the fudge. Fail. Don't get me wrong, it tastes delicious, but fudge it is not. Lolo described it as "a delicious chewy brownie". That would work if I were going for a brownie, however, I was not. I did wrap up some of the chocolate and sent it with Brian's package #2 as well as the PPC, but the bottom half of the white chocolate fudge just didn't set up enough to pretend it was something else. (I was particularly sad about this, since the white chocolate was for B, because he prefers white chocolate over milk.) Lolo said it was too rich, so I am sure I would have only died of embarrassment had I actually sent it to Brian. As it goes, death may still take me based on the regular fudge like pieces of failure I did send. What a mistake. Think the US Postal Service can find that package so I can take it out?

And lest you forget, only 3 more days to find someone for a little love'n under a little bit of this:

Good luck!

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Cyd said...

It may not have been fudge, but "a new way to make delicious chocolate candy" is hardly a fail. I absolutely would have helped you "distribute" the results if I'd been there... *sigh*

I'd love links to those website tutorials if you have time eventually to list them! Happy Christmas Eve!